What's New

2/16/2020 - Added new gallery section for trips Trip Gallery.
5/25/2017 - Added new images to all sections of the Gallery.
3/5/2012 - Added new images to Landscapes gallery.
1/22/2012 - Added new images to galleries.
12/18/2011 - Added image of Chameleon to the animals gallery.
12/12/2011 - New featured image added, Country Lane.
12/10/2011 - Equipment list updated and new books and photographer links added to Links footer.
9/24/2011 - Added new images to Landscapes gallery.
6/25/2011 - Added a black and white gallery.
6/18/2011 - Updated image viewer in galleries. Image is displayed in a cleaner style and will automatically resize to show the entire image regardless of the size of your browser window.
6/2/2011 - Minor updates to Equipment list.
5/24/2011 - Added new images to all, gallery catagories.
5/17/2011 - Changed gallery to use catagories.
3/31/2011 - New featured image added, Tiny Canyon.
3/20/2011 - Equipment list updated with addition of Think Tank Streewalker Harddrive backpack and Nikkor 10-24mm zoom.
3/10/2011 - Reflective Photo goes live.