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I am a photography enthusiast living in Colorado. I have built this site to share my photography, knowledge, and insights with other photographers and anyone else interested. I bought my first ‘serious’ camera, a 35mm Miranda, in 1975 and have been involved in photography ever since.

My Photographic History:

In 1979 I began working at a small camera store in the Kansas City area. While working at the store I worked as a 2nd shooter for a few weddings and with the owner of the store we started a company selling images in the corporate interior design area. Through contacts made while working at the camera store I acquired a customer service position at a Kansas City custom photo lab. But my interests were really in the production area making custom prints and other lab services. After teaching myself black & white and color printing using my own images I eventually became a custom printer at the lab.

The next phase of my career found me moving from the custom lab to working for a lab equipment manufacturer in the early 1980’s that was revolutionizing the professional photofinishing industry by retrofitting current analog printers with updated computer electronics and tying these printers into a lab wide computer network. Over the next 17 years I worked as a technical service technician, technical sales, training consultant, technical liaison between engineering and our customers. I also did a 5 year stint as the production manager at a lab in Tacoma Washington. During this period I worked at and form relationships with some of the major labs in the industry, a few that are still in business today. Miller Professional Services, Bay Photo, and Full Color to name a few. Since leaving the photofinishing industry in the late 1990’s I have worked as a software engineer & manager, developing software for the land data industry and the financial services industry.

Roy at Horseshoe Bend

2010 was the year I got serious about photography again and purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon D90, which was replaced by a Nikon D600 after the D90 was stolen a few years ago. Today my main camera is a Nikon D750 along with a Nikon D7000. I now make a conscious effort to photograph when I can and plan on several trips each year specifically for photography.

Free feel to contact me via the contact page if you have a comment on my images, a question you would like to ask, or anything else about the site. I have elected not to allow real time comments on my site for now to avoid the management and headaches associated with monitoring for spam and the like, sorry for the inconvenience but this overall is better for you and me.

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